What is H beam cutting, shearing and punching?

What is H beam cutting, shearing and punching?

H beam is a type of fine quality steel that is used for various purposes, usually in construction processes. H beam is very important in construction of buildings, bridges and other such frameworks, due to its excellent tensile strength. H beam requires at least one H beam Cutting Shearing Punching Line Machine to attain a specific shape for use. This is the strongest steel beam and requires heavy machines for its molding process. Such machines are huge in size to process steel and to create its required form. These hydraulic machines are used by civil engineers or heavy construction industries.

Such machines have specific adjustable features which are necessary for proper functioning. Cutting and shearing machines are usually confused with each other, while, they have different structures and functions.

Basic structure of such machines:

The main setup of such machines is visible at the face. The whole structure is perfectly welded to produce fine quality steel. Frame of such machines is rigid and fixed accurately to increase deformation resistance. Tool holder is also present for creating shear force. Back gauge mechanism is present with tool holder, its motor runs through electric gear. Rear end plate moves to cut off the sheet of steel.

The gap between the cutting blades can be adjusted according to the size of H beam being processed. Gap maintenance and adjustment of thickness of blades is necessary for the best application of force. This proper use increases the life of machine and ensures high quality product at the end.

How do H beam processing machines work?

These heavy duty machines work in harmony with hydraulic systems. Shearing machines press the steel plates between blades to  shear them. Cylinders help in driving the other part of machine i.e tool holder up and down. Blades are fixed in the machine with specific sharpness and thickness. Special strong forces are required to cut or punch H beam steel to required size. It creates a lot of noise, so, other mechanical systems are installed to control energy.

Cutting can be done by laser, computer numerical control or by plasma. Curved edges of machine and high pressure help in clean cutting of steel. However, laser and plasma are strong rays or ionized gases that penetrate steel and cut it.

Punching is done to create precise holes in H beam, this is done by a process called blanking. CNC hydraulic punch machines are used to create extrusion punches and slotted holes.


Such machines are connected to a computer and a particular software helps in using and working of machines. As H beam is a high quality steel, so, advanced and precise machinery is required for its processing. Ritec provides high quality machines to cut, shear, mold and punch H beam. Such machines are made in Ritec and are exported to various parts of world. These machines are efficient and are expensive. Construction companies need these machines and capitalize the expense, as such machines work for several years. Optimized designs and features of such machines are available on the site of Ritec machinery.