Tips for Taking Care of Your HP Laptop Battery

Tips for Taking Care of Your HP Laptop Battery

Your laptop might serve you for a long time or have a short life. But this depends on how ready you are when it comes to taking care of the machine. Even though several years ago, there were replaceable batteries in the market, more laptop manufacturers are currently leasing their devices with slightly sealed batteries. This makes laptop batteries and their health necessary in the long run.

In this blog post, there is a round-up of the tricks you need to maintain excellent practices that can help you take care of your laptop's batteries. Before you travel down that road, it is crucial to note that every device is different in its way. The tips shared in this article apply to modern HP machines with an HP TT03XL Battery.

1. Take care of the hardware

Your computer's hardware refers to the physical parts of the computer the machine needs to function. It entails everything that comes with a circuit board that operates on the PC. These parts include a graphics card, ventilation fans, power supply, and webcam.

To prevent accidents that can affect your laptop's battery, you need to take care of the hardware. That is an excellent element of caution. It would help if you also avoided the common pitfalls by:

  • Using the laptop in safer conditions
  • Putting the machine out of your kid's reach
  • Keeping the food as well as drink away from your machine

2. Keep the laptop away from liquids

You may be tempted to sip tea or coffee right next to your laptop. But that is too risky given that the liquid can spill on your laptop in the long run. To prevent this from happening and ruining the machine, you can cover the cup. Even if it spills, the liquid will not flow onto your machine.

Besides, short circuits will often corrupt your data and destroy it permanently at times. The battery will be affected at this point. At this juncture, the solution is always so simple, keep the fluids away from your machine.

3. Do not drain the battery below 20 percent

Your HP's battery is in perfect condition for up to 400 cycles. It implies that the battery may efficiently run all the way to zero instantly with a power backup of about 100% on the higher side. This is usually before the battery is replaced. Every time you allow it to drain completely, your laptop may power down for good.

To avoid draining the battery, you should set the machine to settle into hibernation mode before getting to zero. If you have Windows 10, it is highly recommended that you enable the saving mode. This should make it easy for you to dim the lights of the laptop in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Store your laptop in a room with a cool temperature. It should not be in contact with the sun. If you leave the device in a car, it may cause severe damage to the phone in a relatively short time. If the device overheats, you need to shut it down. After that, you should allow it to cool off before restarting it.