Open Any Drinking Accessory On The Go With Shotgun Tool

Open Any Drinking Accessory On The Go With Shotgun Tool

Do you often suffer when it comes to opening different kinds of drinking accessories because you have no proper tools? Searching for one tool that can perform various tasks on the go? Want to eliminate individual tools performing individual functions in opening specific drinking accessories? We have got your back. You can do this all by using a single shotgun tool.

People at bars, hotels, or drink corners actively participate in different drink opening operations. They don’t want to switch their tool from time to time. They need a device capable of assisting in various operations and tasks in one go. The shotgun tool is truly worth it when you face such a situation.

What Does A Shotgun Tool Mean?

A shotgun tool is a tool that you can use to open beer, bottles, and cans instantly. The metal frame comprises stainless steel/ aluminum alloy that caters to its effective functioning and performance. The plastic part of the device is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a feature-loaded material.

It features a blade and a keychain. You can also perform a cutting function with this device and place your keys inside the keychain. It has 7.5 cm in length and a width of 1.6 cm. The smaller dimensions allow you to place it anywhere inside your pocket, purse, or wallet. This way, you can easily access it when you need it most.

What Adds Up Worth To Shotgun Tool?

Multiple features play their role in this regard. Some of the key features that need your consideration are as follows:

Super Durable

The term super durability reflects that it can withstand time of rough usage. The materials with which it is made add up desired strength. You can use it in multiple operations, which will not affect its functionality. This means you will get the same efficiency and effectiveness throughout usage.

Bright Colors

The colors truly make a statement. When you hold it in hand, it is like a piece of gem. It offers you to choose any color you desire. The prominent colors include yellow, blue, orange, green, pink, black, white, and red. Each color possesses a certain meaning. You can choose what truly resonates with your style.

Perfect Punch

The accuracy and precision of this device are truly unmatchable. Whenever you open any drinking accessory, it provides a perfect punch without missing the right place. This way, it prevents the defect on the bottle or can without opening a smaller or larger area. It is also too easy to handle.

Low Weight

The total weight of this device is 8.2 grams. The smaller dimensions and light weight add up to the easy operation. It is not too heavy, or you don’t need extra force to operate it. In the bar or café, you often use it periodically or frequently. Doing so will not going to make you feel tired. This means you can perform your work with greater efficiency all day long.