How to Shop For a Strong Polo Mallet

How to Shop For a Strong Polo Mallet

The polo game is interesting, and it's something most people want to venture into. Several clubs and schools offer it to various contestants, and you need an excellent polo mallet to participate. Since players have different experience and comfort levels, manufacturers produce mallets with varying characteristics. This allows you to purchase and use what feels right to you as an amateur or advanced player. Novice participants may find it challenging to pick a polo mallet. Below is a guide on how to shop for a strong polo mallet.

Selecting a strong polo mallet like a pro

Have you been wondering where to get quality polo mallets that will serve you a long time? Shopping platforms like Alibaba stock a range of polo mallets in varying materials. They can be wooden, fiberglass, graphite, or fiber cane. Aside from the material, there are four vital factors you should never miss when shopping for a polo mallet. The section below talks about the considerations, and you should be mindful of each of them.

Consider the overall weight

Polo game involves regular swinging to hit the ball while passing or scoring. The weight depends on your field position or your expertise level. As an amateur, buy a light polo mallet to avoid injuries and to play with ease. But that does not mean you should go for poor-quality items simply because they are light. As you get used to the game, you can get a heavy mallet for better precision. Longer shots are easier to perform with heavy mallets, unlike the regular shots or passes.

Be cautious about the mallet length

Ideally, tall players should use shorter mallets and vice versa. However, this is not always the case. The mallet length is usually a personal decision depending on the player's size, physique, agility, and horse size too. It's common to see players using the same horse but with different mallet lengths; also, there are no set rules for which measures of mallet one can or cannot use.

Flexibility and rigidity

Polo malles have varying flexibility levels. They are either medium, medium stiff, extra stiff, or whippy. The medium shift flexibility is ideal for beginners, while experienced players can purchase the extra stiff mallet or the rigid type that doesn't bend. The specifications of each mallet you want will let you know how flexible or rigid they are.

Confirm the grip

The grip is a vital part of the mallet. It ensures the mallet doesn't slide off your hand, thus affecting your performance. There are various grip sizes, and unless you know your size, it's advisable to try them all out to get a suitable fit. A lousy fitting means the grip is poor; hence hard to hit the ball correctly.


Pricing and material are among the prevalent factors that buyers consider when purchasing items. For polo mallets, they are essential, but the weight, grip, length, flexibility, and rigidity are things you can't overlook. Ensure each component makes your mallet reliable and efficient for the polo sport and yourself. Good mallets boost your performance in the amateur or advanced stages of play.