Fanta Flavors that Taste Like Heaven

Fanta Flavors that Taste Like Heaven

We admit that there's a plethora of soda brands out there, but there's just something about Fanta drinks that's addictive. Fanta has been around for as long as we can remember, and they've never relented in providing us with some of the best flavors we can possibly imagine. Just when you think Fanta can't surprise you with any more exquisite flavor, they shock you another. Now, it's almost difficult to choose a favorite – they all taste like a slice of heaven!

Here are some of Fanta's best sodas and why we love them.


It doesn't taste like an actual grape, but something about this drink keeps us returning for more. It has a unique rich flavor that draws soda lovers, although the soda can be a bit fizzy. With just enough sugar and plenty of bubbles, you're in for one energizing ride with this drink.


Without a doubt, everything made from orange is always a blast, including Fanta orange flavor. It's fruity and punchy, with barely any citrusy tang to pull you away. And whether you care to admit it or not, the bright, cheery color is enough to attract you to it. Be careful, though; this orange flavor can be a bit high on the sugar side.


There's no reason why anyone should hate strawberries. Ordinarily, they taste great, especially when eaten with ice cream, smoothies, or yogurt. Now imagine this delicious goodness in the form of a soda – the taste will surely blow up your taste buds. You can drink Fanta strawberry soda severally without getting tired. True, the color may not be as attractive as other brands, but don't let that deter you – let the taste speak for itself.

Fruit Punch

You can also call it a cocktail soda. Each flavor tastes great on its own; imagine what happens when these flavors come together in one explosive mix in your mouth. Amazing doesn't even cut it. Fanta fruit punch is a blend of different flavors like berries, orange, pineapple, strawberries, and more.

Fanta Exotic

Fanta Exotic is the next big thing in all of Fanta history. This tropical fanta exotic is a natural blend of orange, passionfruit, and peach flavors – three great flavors coming into one. It's wonderfully refreshing, and the taste combo is enough to transport you to somewhere tropical in your mind.

Fanta Lemon

Although it's a lemon soda, this drink is only 5% lemon, so even those who aren't really fans of lemon drinks can still enjoy this sparkling soft drink.


Fanta Peach is a recent addition to the long list of available Fanta flavors. Made from peach fruit, the drink tastes like juicy peaches, which is why more people are gradually acknowledging it.


Fanta is one of the best soda brands in town, no doubt. And while we may have listed a few of the flavors the company has to offer, there's still more, and if Fanta's track record is anything to go by, then we can expect more interesting flavors in the nearest future.

Fanta sodas are generally delicious, but if you want to enjoy them at their optimum taste level, you should serve them chilled.