Do Insurance Covers cover Pressure Washers

Do Insurance Covers cover Pressure Washers

Do Insurance Covers Cover Pressure Washers

There are many reasons to use a pressure washer to clean your house and outdoor space. It's efficient, powerful, and will make your home look great in no time at all. But do insurance companies cover the damage that can be done by a pressure washer? Let's examine what you need to know about insurance coverage for pressure washing before you shop your machine.

Do Insurance Companies Cover Pressure Washing Damage?

If you own your home, then the answer is yes! If you rent an apartment, then it depends on your landlord's insurance policy. When you buy insurance for any type of property, whether it's a house or car, there are usually limits set on how much coverage they provide.

If you have liability insurance through your homeowner's policy, then it should cover any damage caused by pressure washing as long as it falls within those limits. The only exception would be if you caused intentional harm to someone else's property while cleaning with a pressure washer.

How much does insurance cover?

So how do you know if your pressure washer is covered by your home insurance? If your pressure washer is stolen or damaged, it's considered a personal property loss. That means you're going to want to get your homeowner's insurance company involved.

Your homeowner's insurance policy should cover any damage to your pressure washer caused by theft, vandalism, or certain weather events. However, it probably won't cover damage caused by normal wear and tear.

A homeowner's insurance policy can cover a wide variety of damage to your property and personal belongings, but it may not cover every type of accident or loss. The contents of your house are typically covered up to 50% to 70% of the total amount of insurance you have on the structure of your home. If you have $300,000 worth of coverage on the building, the contents are generally covered up from $150,000 to $210,000 and personal liability is generally covered up to the same amount.

How Long Do Pressure Washer Warranties Last?

Pressure washers are a big investment, so it’s important to protect that investment by getting a warranty that exceeds the minimum. The question is, how long do pressure washer warranties last? Is there any benefit to having a longer warranty?

There are some things consumers should know about warranties. In most cases, a pressure washer purchased from a store will have a shorter warranty than one purchased online. A pressure washer purchased online might still come with the manufacturer’s warranty, but it may also come with the store’s warranty. Some stores offer longer warranties than others, so it’s worth asking when buying one online.

Most manufacturer warranties fall into three categories;

  • Limited Warranty:

This is the standard warranty offered by most manufacturers and retailers. It covers the product for 1 year and does not cover parts or labor costs. Most retailers will offer extended warranties for an additional cost.

  • Full Warranty:

A full warranty covers the product for 2 years and covers both parts and labor costs. This is usually the longest term offered; however, some retailers may offer an additional year or two of coverage for an extra charge.

  • Lifetime Warranty:

When you purchase a pressure washer with a lifetime warranty, you can take advantage of receiving free repairs on any manufacturer defects in materials or labor. This includes parts and accessories that come with your washer. Generally, the only exception to this is the hose which wears out over time. A lifetime warranty lasts for as long as you own your equipment. Get to know more about these covers when you purchase from the Giraffetools and collections.